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Aluminum Door Frames in Houston, TX

Our interior frame systems are made with expert knowledge. We’ve made it our priority to improve the user experience by making design enhancements that take our aluminum products to the next level. Our frames meet LEED requirements, which can help a new construction project or remodeling project achieve LEED certification.

We are the trusted source for aluminum doors, frames, sliding door frames, and interior door frames that are fire rated, in the Houston, TX area.


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Your Source for Interior Aluminum Doors & Frames

Additionally, AlumaPro Interior Frames Systems is at the forefront of interior frame innovation, with a product line – including single, double, and sliding frames – that meets the requirements of positive pressure fire ratings. Click here for more information.


About Houston, TX

Houston, TX is the most populated city in the southern area of the United States with a population over 2 million. Houston is in southeast Texas and was founded in 1836. Houston got its name from General Sam Houston who was the president of the Republic of Texas. The economy of Houston has diversified since then and is now full of healthcare and research institutions. Also, don’t forget that Houston is the home of the Mission Control Center for NASA which gives the city the nickname of “Space City”. Houston is a diverse metro area that attracts many visitors to the area.

Although Houston is recognized for its energy industry, aluminum is just as prominent. AlumaPro Interior Frame Systems is the trusted source for aluminum doors, frames and more! Aluminum is a great material for doors and framing because it is strong, light and durable. AlumaPro designs and manufactures aluminum doors and frames to your specific needs for the Houston area! We work with other companies in the Houston area as well.


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